A Product Ideation Method: Zoom-In-Zoom-Out (ZIZO)

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“There is no easy way to start designing a product from scratch. You can do it with a team or individually but getting started is always a challenge. You’re starring at a blank sheet unable to decide where to start.

The ZIZO FIA Product ideation methodology is a framework that enables you to zoom in and zoom out from the different layer of your product design.

You design in three different layers:

  1. Flow design,
  2. Interface design,
  3. And action design

It’s about shifting and iterating between the different levels of your user experience. A rule of thumb when starting from scratch would be to start from designing your user/product flow (some like to call it your user journey). This is the most high-level view of your product design. Then you dive deep into details designing your user interface and then the actions that each user takes in each screen/interface.”