The Product Manager BottleNeck

tl;dr version of

“A mistake I made early on in my Product Management career was trying to be involved with every discussion and workstream.

…Unfortunately, this approach was actually hampering me and the team. Unintentionally, I was:

  • Slowing the pace of our team’s delivery
  • Undermining the autonomy of the team
  • Almost burning-out

…Your value as a Product Manager comes from acting as a knowledge facilitator, not a knowledge controller. You don’t need to solve every problem. You need to create an environment where your team can.

[If you don’t stop being the bottleneck] …Ultimately, you’re going to become so overwhelmed by simply directing and managing conversations you’re going to feel exhausted. You’ll be spending more time acting as unnecessary overhead. You won’t be able to spend time understanding the real problems of your customers and how your business can solve them.”