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Prioritizing your monster product: a framework for prioritization

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Prioritization is hard. It becomes even harder when a product has been around for a while and has numerous sometimes questionable features — I’m calling these Monster products…. if you know how to make prioritization decisions for a monster product, then you can make them for anything and everything else.

Strategy is about saying no. It is about what you choose not to do…

…vision is not a strategy since it does not map out what you should and should not do to get there.

This framework is not about getting to the right answer. It is a placeholder for a conversation with your multi-disciplinary team (at least engineering, product, and design) as a guideline and a way to facilitate collaboration and ensure that there is consistency in the decision-making process….

The framework considers the reach, customer impact, business impact, opportunity cost, confidence, and effort to prioritize the different jobs to be done that your team is considering executing on.

…When using this framework teams that I have PMed and teams that I have worked with, teams reported: higher confidence in what they were building, the ability to articulate why they made decisions, and feeling an integral part of the prioritization process.