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Rich Mironov knows how to build products that your customers will actually use (and shares his expertise with you)

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“Rich Mironov is a product person through and through. As a product manager and leader for three decades and counting… he believes in clearly defining product vision and strategy, getting to the bottom of big user problems, and actually talking to users before building anything. 

…’A lot of organizations skip user research, testing, and validation and get right into solutions and what they want to build. The result is a struggle to find a meaningful market that will use and pay for the product.

…You’ve got to invest time into figuring out who your product is for, what job it will do, and why users will pay you for it. This means actually talking to people who use your product

…After 30 years of experience, I fully expect that half or more of my concepts are wrong, every time.

…A notoriously difficult aspect of being a product manager is earning buy-in for your product decisions. Each part of the organization has different incentives and wants different outcomes… Rich first assesses the resources at hand. ‘Before we decide on individual features to send into development, what’s the state of the business and the product? How much money do we have to spend? How much can the dev team fit on their plate? We need to understand what we are capable of achieving before diving into what everybody wants.

…all of these expectations must be balanced with the understanding that success for software companies comes from consistently growing the user base and customers renewing year after year. This requires a steady stream of product improvements and enhancements.’

…at the end of the day, great products come from the ability to understand and solve big user problems, and a deep desire to do so. Only when empowered with this knowledge can teams effectively identify and iterate on a solution. Call it the secret sauce to Product Excellence.”