Nail Your Product Manager Resume

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Nail Your Product Manager Resume

Learn what companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, etc. look for in a resume and get through to the phone screen. Marie Kondo the sh*t out of your resume.

…Your resume should be fully focused around selling your being able to deliver flawlessly on these 3 points [Articulate what a winning product looks like, Rally the team to build it, Iterate on it until they get it right.]. To that end, you should focus on clarity, brevity, context and layout — in that order.

Think elevator pitch, not life history. Your resume, as a whole, should clearly answer — “why you?” and not “what did you do in the last 10 years?“. Top companies like Google are looking for superior communicators and candidates often struggle striking a balance between clarity and proving they’re the right fit.

-Editor Note: There is a lot of great unconventional thoughts on Resumes in this article. Bookmark it!